Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: I took the rabbit out of the hat!

from R$469 + shipping costs

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: I took the rabbit out of the hat! Quite literally!

​It is with great pleasure that I present to you my first ever backpack-bag!

​♥ Handcrafted

♥ Only the best of Brazilian genuine leathers

♥ Exclusive design

♥ Dimensions: 16x16x16cm (approx.)

♥ 100% cotton interior with money/document pocket

♥ Black shoulder-straps made of genuine leather that can be adapted into backpack straps

♥ The “pompom” is made of recycled rabbit fur

* all the rabbit fur I use are discarded from the food industry.

…and just like magic…!

♥ Change it from bag to backpack easily! You don’t have to stop to adjust the straps. Just allow them to slip through the central regulator and that’s it!

​♥ Let’s add your name! You can choose to print it on the bag’s inner flap (that’s the discreet option) or customize a TAG!

♥ The backpack was designed for big cities, so it is super safe. There is no danger of you being the victim of pickpockets. For an opportunist to access its contents, he/she would need to move the handles and still open the two strings. It’s impossible!

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