Are you movie-passionate? Hollywood is right here!

from R$209 (classic) or R$289 (big) + shipping costs

Are you movie-passionate? Hollywood is right here!

​The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sweet & Simple) is one of my most beloved models, and, once again, has transformed itself according to my clients’ delight. So, name your favorite movie and get ready, for, this time, the camerawoman is you!

♥ Handcrafted

♥ Only the best of Brazilian genuine leathers

♥ Printing on leather

♥ Exclusive design

♥ 100% cotton interior with money/document pocket

♥ Classic K.I.S.S.: 

– Dimensions: 14x20cm (approx.)

– Golden hand-strap made of genuine leather

♥ Big K.I.S.S.: 

– Dimensions: 18x25cm (approx.)

– Black or golden hand-strap made of genuine leather that can be adapted into a cross-body handle

♥ Yes, you can choose any movie you like! It’s a clapperboard, after all!

Lights, camera… action!

From black-and-white classics to modern superhero blockbusters or TV series, you can now be a part of the team of any of your favorite productions!

​What you need to share with me:

♥ The name of the film, series or documentary;

♥ What is your favorite scene?;

♥ The release date;

♥ The director’s name;

♥ Your name -> that’s important: you are the “camerawoman”!

♥ Who are the main artists?

♥♥ The leather handle strap: black, for the discreet, or gold for the fashionists!

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Exchanges & Returns

Please note that, due to the products' nature (they are, after all, made-to-order), exchanges and returns are not accepted. Payment terms are also variable according to each piece.

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