Christmas is a magical time, isn't it? To think that cookies can turn into bags...!

from R$399 + shipping costs

If you are passionate about Christmas, this bag was made for you! Inspired by the classic “gingerbread man” cookies – upon which it’s named after -, this is the perfect bag to join you on an unpretentious walk while spreading the Christmas’ magic all around!
Ah! But, please, beware: this bag’s making only happens at Christmas’ season, okay?

​​♥ Handcrafted

♥ Only the best of Brazilian genuine leathers

♥ Printing on leather

♥ Exclusive design

♥ Dimensions: 27x21x7cm (approx.)

♥ Golden shoulder-strap made of genuine leather

Let’s customize your bag?!

♥ Let’s print your name on a leather TAG

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Exchanges & Returns

Please note that, due to the products' nature (they are, after all, made-to-order), exchanges and returns are not accepted. Payment terms are also variable according to each piece.

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