Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys... prepare to be amazed!

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Circuses are synonymous with joy, magic and lots of fun!
Yes, circuses have changed a lot over the years, but, no matter when or where they choose to settle, they never ceased to entertain and amaze both children and adults. After all, who has never been enchanted by the traditional striped tent that suddenly appears to break the city’s monotony?

​​♥ Handcrafted

♥ Only the best of Brazilian genuine leathers

♥ Printing on leather (interior & exterior)

♥ Exclusive design

♥ Dimensions: 17x16x28cm (aprox.)

♥ Golden shoulder and hand-strap made of genuine leather

♥ Tent colors: traditional (red and white), black and white, navy and white or red and black.

Let’s customize your bag?!

♥ Let’s print your name on a leather TAG

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Exchanges & Returns

Please note that, due to the products' nature (they are, after all, made-to-order), exchanges and returns are not accepted. Payment terms are also variable according to each piece.

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