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One truth: everybody loves ice cream! Whether we like to enjoy it in summer, to refresh ourselves, or during cold winter days, just to pretend that we’re tasting the good summer days, we simply love it. So it should be no surprise that this is the novelty bag chosen to launch my new line, “Treats by Patrícia”!
Ah, looks can be deceiving, but as usual whitin my brand’s standard, with this bag you can carry the essentials: cell phone, keys, document, lipstick and something else!

​♥ Handcrafted
♥ Only the best of Brazilian genuine leathers. Nubuck leather.
♥ Exclusive design
♥ Dimensions: 28cm (cone height) and 15cm (opening) approx.). Leather strap (gold), shoulder height.
♥ 100% cotton interior with money/document pocket
♥ Choose the flavour of your cone: chocolate (brown) or traditional (burned yellow). For the ice cream ball, vanilla (rabbit fur)*.
♥ Personalize it with a leather TAG! Add your name to it.

ATTENTION: nubuck is a very delicate leather, that requires special care. Avoid wetting or handling the parts made with this material with dirty hands.

* all the rabbit fur I use are discarded from the food industry.

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Please note that, due to the products' nature (they are, after all, made-to-order), exchanges and returns are not accepted. Payment terms are also variable according to each piece.

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