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Accessories with Personality

TRAITS et COURBES is a brand synonymous with fun & novelty design, and exclusivity. Each creation is handcrafted using only the best natural materials Brazil has to offer

About Traits et Courbes

TRAITS et COURBES (from the French lines and curves) is a young brand, synonymous with fun & novelty design, and exclusivity. Free from the strings of seasonal collections, the brand bets on timeless creations that enchant and reflect the personality of its customers – women who aim for what’s different.

Each creation is handcrafted with only the best natural materials that Brazil has to offer. From color to texture, the leather always has its own story to tell and, therefore, it is the one who dictates the tone of the works we aim to create together.

All the leathers are originated in Brazil. And they are “recycled”, which means that they are discards; by-products of the food industry.



Each piece is unique and designed with great care for you. Let's tell a new story together.

Genuine Leather

Quality, longevity, and sustainability. All raw materials are by-products of the food industry.


The production in "slow fashion" exudes awareness and even allows the customization of the pieces.

Exchanges & Returns

Please note that, due to the products' nature (they are, after all, made-to-order), exchanges and returns are not accepted. Payment terms are also variable according to each piece.

Let's keep in touch!

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